A small part of the Klotassin batholith, that intrudes the Yukon Metamorphic Complex, has been studied in detail near the Casino porphyry copper–molybdenum deposit, Yukon Territory. Eleven potassium–argon model ages, including concordant biotite and hornblende ages, indicate a mid-Cretaceous (100 Ma) age for this batholith. All ages are indistinguishable statistically. This age, therefore, is interpreted as the age of emplacement of the Klotassin batholith. Older dates can be expected from rocks of the Yukon Metamorphic Complex, the Carmacks batholith, and Aishihik batholith.The Casino complex, host to the Casino deposit, is dated at latest-Cretaceous (70 Ma), based on potassium–argon model ages from two samples of biotite. The complex is clearly intrusive into and younger than the Klotassin batholith. Previously, this unit was interpreted as Early Tertiary. Possibly the several so called Early Tertiary volcanic and hypabyssal rocks in Yukon are not strictly contemporaneous.

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