Rb–Sr and U–Pb dating techniques have been utilized to identify and date Archean supracrustal rocks within the Churchill structural province in regions where K–Ar age determinations have recorded only the effects of younger Hudsonian orogeny. The age of emplacement of Archean granodiorite has been established at 2550 m.y., a determination that also provides a minimum age for volcanic rocks intruded by the granodiorite.The overlying Proterozoic Hurwitz Group volcanic rocks have been dated for the first time at 1808 ± 35 m.y. (Upper Aphebian). A post-Hurwitz Group quartz monzonite pluton intruded the granodiorite gneiss at 1772 ± 22 m.y. and the age of the post-tectonic Nueltin Lake Granite has been established at 1700 ± 16 m.y. (Paleohelikian).It is concluded that the Hurwitz Group cannot be correlated with the Huronian succession in Ontario as the Hurwitz Group rocks are 300 to 400 m.y. younger than the Huronian strata.

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