Eight species of graptolites not recognized in a previous study (Lenz 1972) are described from the Gaspé region. These comprise Monograptus bouceki, of Late Pridolian age from the Roncel-les Formation; M. cf. M. galaensis and M. communis rostratus of mid-Llandoverian age from the Burnt Jam Brook and White Head Formations respectively; Pristiograptus auctus of latest Wenlockian or earliest Ludlovian age, and P. tumescens and Saetograptus chimaera semispinosus of early Ludlovian age, from the St. Léon Formation; P. dubius dubius of Wenlockian or early Ludlovian age from the Laforce and St. Léon Formations; and P. ludensis of latest Wenlockian age from the Gascons Formation.To date thirty species of graptolites have been recognized from the stratigraphic units studied.The low diversity of the Wenlockian-Ludlovian faunas is considered indicative of a shallow water community setting. It is tentatively suggested that the latest Wenlockian P. ludensis zones fauna might be the shallow water equivalent of the deep water M. testis zone.

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