The P arrival-times for nine very shallow earthquakes under the Canadian Shield and the surrounding area were studied. P arrival-times were assumed to be a function of the hypocenter, origin-time, and specified travel-time curve. Using as starting point the hypocenters and origin times taken from the Preliminary Determination of Epicenters (PDE) listings and the travel-time curve from the "Seismological Tables for P Phases" by Herrin et al. (1968), calculations were conducted so as to minimize the residuals between the observed P arrival-times and the calculated travel-times in a search for the best hypocenters, origin-times, and travel-time curve. The deviations from the travel-time curve were assumed to be represented by a sixth-order polynomial. The differences of the new epicenters from those of the PDE listings are small and generally less than about 10 km. The significant result is that the new travel-time curve obtained by this technique is similar to those obtained from seismic explosion studies in the eastern part of North America.

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