The existence of five natural geological structural types of granitoids is argued: (1) early orogenic (early folding or intrageanticlinal); (2) late orogenic, including granitoids of block-mountain areas; (3) tele-early orogenic; (4) tele-late orogenic; and (5) cratogenic.The early orogenic granitoids are formed during an early stage of folding (early orogenic stage) in relation to first uplifts (intrageanticlines) in an (eu) geosynclinal trough. The late orogenic granitoids also originate in the orogenic areas, but during a late stage of folding (orogenic stage), when intense fault-block movements occur and folded mountain systems are formed. The tele-early orogenic granitoids appear beyond the limits of a geosyncline, within the early consolidated geosynclinal frame, and are simultaneous to the first type granitoids. The tele-late orogenic granitoids occur in the same area, but are formed simultaneously to the second type granitoids. The cratogenic granitoids originate on platforms and shields and are not related either in time or in space to the granitoids of folded areas.

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