Seismic risk in the Yukon Territory and adjacent areas of the western Northwest Territories and eastern Alaska is evaluated from locations and magnitudes of earthquakes in northern Canada and Alaska from 1899 to 1970. Contour maps illustrate strain release and also predicted accelerations on firm soil for return periods of 30, 50, and 100 years. Calculated values of these risk parameters may vary by a factor of two or more from actual values due to the short earthquake history of the region studied, uncertainties in location and magnitude of past large earthquakes, lack of measured ground accelerations in the regions, and the unknown modifying influence of soil and subsoil materials.Seismic risk may be significant for parts of the Mackenzie Valley pipeline corridor in the vicinity of Fort McPherson between mile 700 (east of Arctic Red River, Northwest Territories) and mile 850 (east of Old Crow, Yukon Territory).

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