Anorthositic rocks 20 to 30 km south of the Grenville Front in the Grenville Province of Ontario have a stable remanent magnetization which yields a paleomagnetic pole at 161 °E, 8 °N. This pole is close to other poles from the Precambrian of North America of 1050 m.y. age. Paleomagnetic results have also been obtained from two rock units in the southern part of the Grenville Province of Ontario. These are a pyroxenite exposed near Wilberforce and the Tudor Gabbro exposed near Madoc. The directions of remanent magnetization yield pole positions as follows: Wilberforce pyroxenite—148 °E, 14.5 °S; Tudor Gabbro—137 °E, 17 °N. These pole positions, together with others from the literature, which have been derived from rock units 200 km or more south of the Grenville Front, plot farther west in the Pacific than do poles of inferred similar age from other regions of North America. A possible interpretation of these results is that the southern part of the Grenville province was formed some 30° SE of its present position.

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