In the Smithers area of British Columbia, faunas are recognized below the beds with Lilloettia, Kepplerites, and other characteristic Lower Callovian ammonites. The upper one includes Arctocephalites (Cranocephalites) costidensus Imlay, Parareineckia cf. P. shelikofana (Imlay), P. cf. P. hickersonensis Imlay, Cobbanites talkeetnanus Imlay, Epizigzagiceras evolutum Frebold n. gen. n. sp., and Morrisiceras? dubium Frebold. This fauna is equivalent in age to a similar fauna in southern Alaska described by Imlay, and is assigned to the Lower Bathonian. The next older fauna includes Megasphaeroceras? aff. M. rotundum Imlay, Epizigzagiceras crassum Frebold n. gen. n. sp. Zemistephanus sp. indet., and Cobbanites talkeetnanus Imlay. The age is Bajocian, possibly Late Bajocian. Below are beds with pelecypods of uncertain, probably Bajocian age. The upper and middle faunas are new for British Columbia and other parts of Canada.

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