Marble, metavolcanic rocks, and pelite are found in a northeasterly trending belt near Marble Lake, in the Grenville Province, Ontario. The rocks have been metamorphosed to the lower amphibolite facies in the southwest, the grade increasing to the mid-amphibolite facies towards the northeast. Northwest-trending isograds in the metavolcanic rocks are at a high angle to the northeast-trending tremolite isograd in the marbles. Mineral assemblages indicate total pressures between 4 and 5 kbar and temperatures ranging from approximately 350 °C to over 600 °C. Temperatures estimated by calcite–dolomite solvus geothermometry and applied to experimental work in the system CaO–MgO–SiO2–CO2–H2O indicate: (i) P(total) = P(CO2) + P(H2O) was greater than 3 kbars; (ii) temperatures on the tremolite isograd were from approximately 450 to 550 °C and indicate that the tremolite isograd is not isothermal; (iii) the composition of the vapor phase present during metamorphism was approximately X(CO2) = 0.7 – 0.8; (iv) temperatures in the belt were from less than 400 °C in the southwest to more than 600 °C in the northeast.

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