Remains of thirteen species of mammals are reported from Pleistocene deposits at Gold Run Creek near Dawson, Yukon Territory. Eight of the thirteen species are extinct and two are no longer living in the Yukon. The most common elements of the fauna are Equus (Asinus) lambei (Yukon wild ass), and Bison crassicornis (large-horned bison). Taxidea (badger) and Bison alaskensis (Alaskan bison) are reported for the first time from the Yukon Pleistocene. A kiang-like horse is also reported from deposits at Gold Run Creek.These mammals may have inhabited a cool grassland or open parkland during late Wisconsin time. Bison crassicornis and mammoth bone from deposits at Gold Run Creek have yielded radiocarbon dates of 22 200 ± 1400 yr B.P. and 32 250 ± 1750 yr B.P. respectively. Bison alaskensis is evidently older than the remainder of the fauna as bone from the specimen yielded a radiocarbon date of over 39 900 yr B.P.

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