Paleomagnetic data were obtained from eleven additional sites on Baffin diabase dike intrusions (part of the Franklin diabases). The rock at four sites was found to be normally magnetized, at six sites reversely magnetized, and at one site the rock contained no primary remanent magnetization that could be isolated by alternating field (a.f.) demagnetization. Baffin Island is divisible into several zones within which the Baffin dikes are either normally or reversely magnetized. This may indicate that more than one reversal is represented. The ten sites yield a pole at 168 °E, 6 °N, α95 = 5°, and when combined with previously published data (total 46 sites) yield a revised Franklin diabase pole at 166 °E, 6 °N, α95 = 4°. At least 10 of the 11 new sites apparently lie outside the zone from within which Baffin dikes have yielded anomalous remanent magnetization directions. Thermomagnetic curves for representative material of the Baffin dikes indicate that the magnetic mineral of these rocks is almost pure magnetite. It does not explain the anomalous magnetization of the Franklin dikes that occur along the northeast coastal area.

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