A sequence of Upper Devonian echinoderm debris beds with graded texture, interbedded with shale, overlies the Middle Devonian Ramparts Formation in the subsurface at McDermott Canada GCO South Maida Creek G-56 well on the south side of Mackenzie River near Carcajou Ridge.The interval of echinoderm debris can be divided into thick 2- to 7-ft (0.6- to 2.1-m) beds of graded skeletal remains lacking shale, and thinner intervals from 1 to 2 ft (0.3 to 0.6 m) thick of graded skeletal remains with interbedded black shale. The echinoderm beds, not present in the subsurface at nearby wells, are probably of local origin. Similar beds of echinoderm debris with graded texture, also of probable local origin, crop out at Powell Creek in the Mackenzie Mountain foothills.

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