Thermal cleaning of paleomagnetic samples of the Sibley Group shows that 3 directions of magnetization are present: a normal magnetization (240,+ 16), a reverse magnetization (048,−05), and a third direction (109,−69), which is parallel to that in the Logan Sills and presumed to have been acquired during their intrusion. The latter result confirms that the remanent magnetization of the Logan Sills was acquired at the time they cooled. Combining all relevant sites, a revised mean Logan Sills direction of 110,−73 yields a pole at 49N,138W, (dp = 7, dm = 7). The combined normal and reversed groups (232,+ 10) yield a pole position at 20S,214E. This result suggests that there is a bend in the North American polar wander curve between 1200 and 1400 m.y. ago. The curve is compared with the polar wandering curve derived from rocks of comparable age from southern Africa.

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