Synthesized zeolites are extremely important as industrial minerals and are most commonly prepared using organic templates. Because these organic templates present undesirable environmental hazards, a synthesis method which avoids their use is desirable. The objective of the current study was to develop such a synthesis method. Zeolite NaY was synthesized hydrothermally starting from a mixture of 1.0 Al2O3:10 SiO2:4.6 Na2O:180 H2O molar gel composition, without adding any organic additives. Experiments were carried out to investigate the effects of molar compositions including water content (H2O/SiO2), crystallization conditions including temperature, and time on the crystal size and yield of NaY-type zeolite. The results showed that increasing the crystallization time from 5 to 12 h increased the crystal size, while increasing the crystallization temperature from 80 to 100°C also increased crystallinity. The crystal species of zeolite NaY were characterized by X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, and scanning electron microscopy analysis. Zeolite NaY crystals in the size range 25–150 nm were synthesized successfully over a period of 8 h at 100°C.

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