The following are thanked for the time and effort they have given to providing reviews of manuscripts submitted for publication in the last 12 months:

Abreu, N.

Arocena, J.M

Faruk, A.

Baioumy, H.

Barkovskii, A.

Baronnet, A.

Barré, P.

Bauluz, B.

Benco, L.

Bender Koch, C.

Benito, P.

Bergaya, F.

Bertier, P.

Bieniok, A.

Bignotti, F.

Bish, D.

Blanc, P.

Bouza, P.J.

Boyd, S.A.

Brady, P.V.

Brendlé-Miehé, J.

Brigatti, M.F.

Bristow, T.

Brown, R.K.

Bundy, W.

Caseri, W.

Cea, M.

Chaplot, S.L.

Cheshire, M.C.

Ching, S.

Christidis, G.

Churchman, G.J.

Cloutis, E.

Colomer, M.

Compton, J.

Constantino, V.R.L.

Costantino, U....

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