The following are some papers that have been accepted for publication in future issues of Clays and Clay Minerals:

Hongji Yuan and David L. Bish. Automated fitting of X-ray powder diffraction patterns from interstratified phyllosilicates

İlker Erkan, İbrahim Alp and Mehmet Sabri Çelık. Characterization of organo-bentonites obtained from different linear-chain quaternary alkyl-ammmonium salts

Leslie L. Baker, Daniel G. Strawn, Karen L. Vaughan, and Paul A. McDaniel. XAS study of Fe mineralogy in a chronosequence of soil clays formed in basaltic cinders

P. Barré and B. Velde. Clays developed under Sequoia gigantia and prairie soils: 50 years of soil-plant interaction in...

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