The following are some papers that have been accepted for publication in future issues of Clays and Clay Minerals:

L. Boudriche, B. Hamdi, Z. Kessaïssia, R. Calvet, A. Chamayou, J. A. Dodds, and H. Balard. An assessment of the surface properties of milled attapulgite using inverse gas chromatography

Amina Aouad, Alexandre S. Anastácio, Faïza Bergaya, and Joseph W. Stucki. A Mössbauer spectroscopic study of Al- and Fe-pillared clay minerals

Maria José Trindade, Maria Isabel Dias, João Coroado, and Fernando Rocha. Firing tests on clay-rich raw materials from the Algarve Basin (South Portugal): study of the mineral transformations with temperature...

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