The sorption of nitrate ions on calcined hydrotalcite-type compounds at 550°C (HT550), 650°C (HT650), and 850°C (HT850) from pure water solution at 25°C has been studied. The influence of the temperature was also investigated for the sample calcined at 850°C by studying the sorption process at 10 and 40°C. The experimental sorption data points were fitted to the Langmuir equation in order to calculate the sorption capacities (Xm) of the samples; Xm values range from 61.7 g kg−1 (HT550 at 25°C) to 147.0 g kg−1 (HT850 at 40°C). The values for the removal efficiency (R) obtained ranged from 70.5% for HT550 at 25°C to 99.5% for HT850 at 40°C. The sorption experiments showed that the greater the calcination temperature (850°C), the more effective the removal of nitrate. The increase in the temperature from 10 to 40°C for sample HT850 also tends to increase the sorption of nitrate from 63.3 g kg−1 to 147 g kg−1 and the corresponding removal efficiency from 71.5 to 99.5%.

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