The following are some papers that have been accepted for publication in future issues of Clays and Clay Minerals:

Sophía Bascuñan, Ursula Kelm, Vilma Sanhueza and Guillermo Alfaro. Zeolitization of a volcanic ash deposit at Quinamávida, Central Southern Chile

Hong Hanlie, Li Zhaohui, Xue Huijuan, Zhu Yunhai, Zhang Kexin, Xiang Shuyuan. Oligocene clay mineralogy of the Linxia Basin: evidence of paleoclimatic evolution subsequent to the initial-stage uplift of the Tibetan Plateau

Luca Aldega, Flavia Botti and Sveva Corrado. Clay mineral assemblages and vitrinite reflectance in the Laga Basin (Central Apennines, Italy): what do they record?

J.D. Martín-Martín, D. Gómez-Gras, T....

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