The following are some papers that have been accepted for publication in future issues of Clays and Clay Minerals:

Steven M. Kuznicki, Christopher C.H. Lin, Junjie Bian and Alejandro Anson. Chemical upgrading of Bowie, Arizona sedimentary Nachabazite

Philip S. Neuhoff and Jie Wang. Isothermal measurement of heats of hydration in zeolites by simultaneous thermogravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry

Etienne Balan, Emmanuel Fritsch, Thierry Allard, and Georges Calas. Inheritance versus neoformation of kaolinite during lateritic soil formation: a case study in the middle Amazon Basin.

M.V. Villar. Water retention of two natural compacted bentonites

Fabienne Trolard, Guilhem BourrieĢ, Moustapha Abdelmoula, Philippe...

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