The As sorption capacity of a natural Mn and Fe mineral-containing sample from the Iron Quadrangle province, Brazil, was investigated. A detailed mineralogical identification was obtained by combining X-ray diffraction analyses (with Rietveld refinement), X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, optical microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy coupled with X-ray energy dispersive spectrometry-EDS. The oxidation state of the adsorbed As species was determined by X-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy. The results demonstrate that the presence of naturally occurring Mn oxides promotes the effective oxidation of As (III) to As(V). Also, the Mn minerals show a significant uptake of both the trivalent and pentavalent As species. This study demonstrates that the combined influences of As(III) depletion by oxidation and adsorption on a natural oxide sample consisting of Mn minerals and Fe oxides may effectively contribute to the reduction the As concentration in waters.

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