The effects of neodymium (Nd) on the transformation of ferrihydrite to iron oxides was studied. The possible isomorphous substitution of Nd (super 3+) for Fe (super 3+) in iron oxides was examined also. Nd was used as an inactive substitute of trivalent radioactive actinide elements. Hydrolysis of ferric nitrate solution containing 0-30 mole % of Nd formed Nd, Fe-rich ferrihydrite as initial precipitates, which were poorly crystalline. Aging of the Nd-containing ferrihydrite in 0.3 M OH (super -) at 40 degrees C and at pH 9.2 at 70 degrees C formed Nd-free goethite and Nd-substituted hematite. The abundance of these crystalline phases was related to Nd in the parent solutions. Phase abundance, unit-cell parameters, and peak width were estimated by use of the Rietveld method.

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