Silver ores at Morey occur as kryptothermal fracture fillings cutting a nevadite intrusive. Gangue minerals are rhodochrosite, quartz, pyrite, and arsenopyrite. The major silver minerals are diaphorite, owyheeite, andorite, pyrargyrite, and stephanite. Jamesonite and sphalerite are also abundant. Owyheeite, the most important ore mineral, has formed at the expense of andorite via a complex series of replacements. Single crystals of diaphorite, fizelyite, and owyheeite have been studied goniometrically. Diaphorite has been confirmed as monoclinic 2/m with beta =90 degrees 5', a:b:c=2.6900:1:5.4024 or, after transformation to new axes, beta =116 degrees 27.5', a:b:c=2.6900:1:3.0172. Ten forms are reported for owyheeite and the axial ratio is a:b:c=0.840:1:0.312. One fizelyite crystal showed eight forms and gave a:b:c=0.703:1:0.458.

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