Nuffieldite occurs as prismatic to acicular crystals, up to 3 mm in length, in vugs in narrow quartz veins in the Lime Creek quartz diorite stock near Alice Arm, British Columbia. The mineral is orthorhombic, Pnam or Pna2 1 , with a=14.61 A, b=21.38 A, c=4.03 A. Qualitative analysis revealed lead, bismuth, and copper. Quantitative analyses of these by X-ray spectroscopy, electron microprobe analysis, and atomic absorption spectroscopy agree closely. A colorimetric method was developed for sulphur analysis of samples weighing less than one milligram. The composition is Pb=40.27, Bi=37.55, Cu=5.88, S=16.30 percent. Calculated density is 7.006, and measured density 7.01.

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