The massif is a complex series of metamorphosed sediments and igneous rocks whose lithologic and time relationships are not yet established. The individual mineral phases of the eclogitic rocks have been separated in order to further an investigation begun in 1959. The garnets have been analyzed for major, minor, and trace elements, and the results are here presented. In the lower parts of the gneiss, the garnets are more basic, with traces of Ni, Co, V, and Sc; Sr appears in the upper series. Generally, the composition of the garnets correlates with that of the corresponding eclogitic rocks. The appearance of garnet began with formation of spessartine and almandine phases, in a dry facies and possibly at atmospheric pressures; with increasing P/T conditions pyrope developed. Garnet porphyroblasts in the massif exhibit typical growth, with cores rich in spessartine and almandine and with abundant inclusions, whereas the margins are high in Mg and almost free from inclusions.

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