Residual pressure values of quartz inclusions in host kyanite were estimated using Raman spectroscopy and show that the quartz-inclusions-in-kyanite system can be used as a geobarometer for estimating peak metamorphic conditions. Samples of quartz eclogite, a pelitic high-pressure metamorphic rock composed mainly of garnet, omphacite, and quartz, with subordinate kyanite, were obtained for analysis from the Gongen area in the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt, southwest Japan. Residual pressure in the 236 analyzed quartz inclusions within kyanite grains varies from 0.12 to 0.76 GPa. Values are independent of inclusion size and inclusion aspect ratio, and the distribution of residual pressure within the inclusions is homogeneous, except at inclusion-host interfaces. Numerical calculations based on elastic modeling with the equations of state of quartz and kyanite were applied using the highest residual pressure value of 0.76 GPa, with the calculated isopleth being consistent with previous results obtained by conventional thermodynamic geothermobarometry. We conclude that the quartz-inclusions-in-kyanite system can be used as a reliable new Raman geobarometer.

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