Two palladium bismuthides from nickeliferous ores of the Frood Mine, Sudbury, Ontario, detected and described by C. E. Michener some years ago, are redescribed and named michenerite and froodite. Michenerite is an isometric form of PdBi 2 with a pyrite structure, a=6.68 Aa. It is grayish-white, soft, brittle, with no cleavage. Froodite is gray, soft, brittle, with one perfect cleavage (100) and one less perfect (001), monoclinic - C 2/m with a=12.75, b=4.29, c=5.67, beta =102 degrees 52', containing 4 [PdBi 2 ]. It is identical with synthetic alpha -PdBi 2 formed at moderate temperatures.

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