The Chisel Lake deposit, in the Flin Flon – Snow Lake Mineral Belt in northern Manitoba, is characterized by an ore mineral assemblage dominated by pyrite and sphalerite, with minor chalcopyrite, galena, and pyrrhotite and trace amounts of other Cu-, Fe-, Sb-, Sn-, As-, Ni-, and Ag-bearing sulfides. Silver is hosted in a variety of Ag-bearing sulfides (chalcopyrite and freibergite–argentotennantite series) and its own sulfide (acanthite).

The major elements chemical compositions of the ore sulfides define two populations of sphalerite (Fe-rich and Fe-poor), three populations of chalcopyrite (pure, Ag-rich, and Ag- and Sb-rich), and a typical galena, in addition to pyrite and pyrrhotite. Trace elements are dominated by Mn and Cd for sphalerite; Sn, Zn, and Ge for chalcopyrite; Se and Ni for pyrrhotite; and As and Co for pyrite. Formation temperature was best estimated, from the Fe and trace elements (Ga, Ge, Mn, and In) concentrations in sphalerite, at approximately 340 °C, with other methods giving less reliable temperature and pressure estimates.

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