The Strange Lake peralkaline complex is one of the world's largest deposits of yttrium, heavy rare-earth elements, and zirconium. The Precambrian intrusive body of peralkaline granitic rocks in central Labrador is extensively mineralized but mineralogically complex. It is a pleasure to acknowledge John Jambor's important contributions to the understanding of the unusual and varied mineralization. He was first to identify and characterize the potentially economic minerals: gittinsite, widespread at Strange Lake but otherwise an uncommon zirconosilicate, and the unusual acid-soluble zircon, which are the main sources of Strange Lake zirconium. He also identified the previously unknown mineral gerenite-(Y), and provided better characterization of kainosite-(Y) and of the complex gadolinite–datolite species which, collectively, account for most of the yttrium and heavy rare-earths. In all, his identification and characterization of these minerals were invaluable to understanding of the peralkaline complex, particularly the late-stage alteration that affected it and generated its economically important minerals, making them amenable to effective metallurgical processes.

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