In a recent paper, Dumitraş et al. (2008) described apatite-(CaOH) from the “dry” Cioclovina Cave, in the Şureanu Mountains, Romania. The paper, submitted to the journal in February 2007, ignored, as a matter of course, the intention of Onac & Effenberger (2007) and Cînta Pânzaru & Onac (2008) to re-examine the berlinite samples claimed to be taken from the cave. This fact, as well as other critical opinions about the previous description by Onac et al. (2002, 2005) and Onac & White (2003) of some “exotic” mineral species such as berlinite, burbankite, churchite-(Y), ellestadite-(OH), ellestadite-(Cl), foggite, paratacamite,...

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