The mineral occurs near Cantley, in the Outaouais region of southwestern Quebec, in fenitized Mesoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks (Hogarth & Lapointe 1984, sample 300), through Gatineau (Hogarth et al. 1987, sample 1070D) and Val-des-Monts (formerly Perkins; ibid., samples 1093B, 1093F and 1094A). It has recently been analyzed from narrow dolomite–amphibole veins cutting Mesoproterozoic alkali feldspar trachyte, northeast of Gatineau, Buckingham sector (Hogarth, unpubl. data). In total extent, the amphibole-bearing zone is about 30 km long (east–west) and 10 km wide (north–south). The mineral was approved by CNMMN as case no. 85–23. Petrological, optical, physical-property, compositional,...

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