Perovskite-group minerals from the Lovozero peralkaline complex, on the Kola Peninsula, Russia, are primarily loparite-rich members of the perovskite-lueshite-loparite-(Ce) solid-solution series. From early-forming poikilitic nepheline syenite to late eudialyte lujavrite, loparite compositions evolve by enrichment in Na, Sr, and Nb, and depletion in Ca, Ti and light rare-earth elements. The evolutionary trend is from calcian niobian loparite-(Ce) in the poikilitic nepheline syenite and rocks of the differentiated complex through niobian calcian loparite-(Ce) in the differentiated complex and eudialyte lujavrite to cerian lueshite in eudialyte lujavrite. This trend coincides with the proposed order of crystallization of the major intrusive series of the massif. Intra- and intergrain compositional variation and diverse patterns of core-to-rim zonation exhibited by loparite grains from the same sample are characteristic of most parageneses and may result from a combination of re-equilibration phenomena and late-stage metasomatic processes.

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