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Papers Related to February 2023 Mw 7.8 Earthquake Sequence in Turkey

As a service to global researchers working on the 5 February 2023 magnitude 7.8 earthquake sequence in Turkey, the Seismological Society of America has created a short list of our journal papers related to the region and faults involved in the seismic events. These papers will be freely available for one week, from 6 February to 14 February 2023.

  • Source Process of the 24 January 2020 Mw 6.7 East Anatolian Fault Zone, Turkey, Earthquake
  • Coseismic Slip Distribution of the 24 January 2020 Mw 6.7 Doganyol Earthquake and in Relation to the Foreshock and Aftershock Activities
  • Probabilistic Seismic‐Hazard Assessment for East Anatolian Fault Zone Using Planar Fault Source Models
  • Present-Day Seismicity and Seismotectonics of the Cilician Basin: Eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkey
  • Microtremor Array Measurements for Shallow S-Wave Profiles at Strong‐Motion Stations in Hatay and Kahramanmaras Provinces, Southern Turkey
  • Implications of the 2003 Bingöl Earthquake for the Interaction between the North and East Anatolian Faults
  • Regional Moment Tensor Inversion for Earthquakes in Turkey and Its Surroundings: 2008–2015
  • Episodic Behavior of the Jordan Valley Section of the Dead Sea Fault Inferred from a 14-ka-Long Integrated Catalog of Large Earthquakes
  • The Seismicity along the Dead Sea Fault during the Last 60,000 Years
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