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It has been over a decade since Pitfalls in Seismic Interpretation (Nov., 1971) was first presented by Howard Yorston and me. Since then I have had direct contact with over 3000 explorationists, through my school “Seismic Interpretation for Geologists.” They have represented the full spectrum of companies, large and small. Even the I. R. S. has attended these schools to familiarize themselves with tax deductions related to seismic interpretation – so watch it, come April 15th.

These contacts have shown me that the new generation of seismic interpreters (geophysicists and geologists) is unaware of the pitfalls in their data. These pitfalls include both the original list, and the new ones that are a spin-off from our newer technology.

Of equal concern to me is that now there is an added group of nontechnical pitfalls. These may perhaps be called “mental pitfalls”, those which are within the minds of individuals, effectively blocking out the proper use and emphasis of the seismograph in our exploration effort.

Pitfalls Revisited should logically have followed the very successful format of the original publication, with a seismic example for each pitfall. Unfortunately, for many reasons this was impossible. The original was unique and is non-reproducible today. But perhaps the cartoon examples of this presentation will serve the same purpose, being a gentle reminder of what to avoid. The original categories of “Velocity”, “Geometry”, and “Recording and Processing” are followed, to which are added “Stratigraphic Mapping” and “General”.

I am very grateful for the many suggestionsa nd help from my original collaborator

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