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Introduction to Deepwater Systems: Definitions and Concepts

January 01, 2004


This course provides the working geophysicist with a broad overview of the petroleum systems of deepwater settings. The six main elements of petroleum systems will be covered: reservoirs, traps, seals, source rocks, generation, migration, and timing. The course is designed to teach students approximately 80% of what is important. For those interested in further study of a specific topic, each chapter has extensive references for the current literature. About 10% of the current cutting-edge information remains proprietary and cannot be included.

Deepwater depositional systems are the one type of reservoir system that cannot be easily reached, observed, and studied in the modern environment, in contrast to other sili-ciclastic and carbonate reservoir systems. The study of deepwater systems requires many remote-observation systems, each of which can provide only one view of the entire depositional system. As a consequence, the study and understanding of deepwater depositional systems as reservoirs have lagged behind those of the other reservoir systems, whose modern processes are more easily observed and documented.

For this reason, geoscientists use an integrated approach, working in interdisciplinary teams with multiple data types (Figure 1-1). The types of data used in the study of deep-water deposits include detailed outcrop studies, 2D and 3D seismic-reflection data (both for shallow and deep resolution), cores, log suites, and biostratigraphy. These data sets are routinely incorporated into computer reservoir modeling and simulation (Figure 1-1).

The following chapters integrate all of these data types and disciplines to characterize the many facets of deepwater

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Petroleum Systems of Deepwater Settings

Paul Weimer
Paul Weimer
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January 01, 2004




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