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For simplicity we assume 9 channels only with 3 groups per section, as diagramed in Figure 8.1a. The circles at the left represent the intake to the recording system, the arrows → and ← represent the connectors at each end of the sections. When two sections are connected, the takeouts for the right-hand section are rotated three channels as shown in the figure. Note that the section is symmetrical; the end pin on the left (#1) relates to the closest takeout, as does the end pin on the right (#9). So flipping the section end-for-end makes no difference. If we connect three sections with nine groups as shown, the profile will be recorded correctly. However, if a 4th section is connected at the right, the rotation will have gone full circle and we will have distant geophones connected to the same channels as near geophones, as shown in Figure 8.1a.

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