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The fauna of the Skyline channels, West Texas, of early Duchesnean age, contains the following taxa: Simidectes magnus, Harpagolestes sp., Hyaenodon cf. H. vetus, Mahgarita stevensi, ?Leptotomus coelumensis (new species), Duchesneodus cf. uintensis, ?Hyracodon sp. indet., Amynodontopsis bodei, Protoreodon pumilus, Agriochoerus sp. indet., Leptoreodon sp., and Hendryomeryx sp. Simidectes is the most common form; this apparently is its last appearance, along with Harpagolestes and Leptoreodon. It is the first appearance of Hyaenodon, ?Duchesneodus, and Hyracodon.

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