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During the Pleistocene, the Laurentian Ice Sheet extended southward into western Pennsylvania. This field trip identifies a number of periglacial features from the Pittsburgh Low Plateau section to the Allegheny Mountain section of the Appalachian Plateaus Province that formed near the Pleistocene ice sheet front. Evidence of Pleistocene periglacial climate in this area includes glacial lake deposits in the Monongahela River valley near Morgantown, West Virginia, and Sphagnum peat bogs, rock cities, and patterned ground in plateau areas surrounding the Upper Youghiogheny River basin in Garrett County, Maryland, and the Laurel Highlands of Somerset County, Pennsylvania. In the high lying basins of the Allegheny Mountains, Pleistocene peat bogs still harbor species characteristic of more northerly latitudes due to local frost pocket conditions.

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