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This five-building walking tour (Fig. 1) provides an overview of significant tall buildings in San Francisco that were constructed in the first few years of the twenty-first century and gives insight into the modern design and seismic innovations of today's skyscrapers in high seismic zones. The St. Regis Tower (42 story), 101 Second Street (26 story), the JP Morgan Chase Building (31 story), the Paramount (39 story), and the Four Seasons Hotel (40 story) will be surveyed in this tour. These buildings showcase a variety of important structural designs and use of materials including (1) reinforced concrete framed dual system, (2) structural steel framed dual system, (3) steel frame with sloped boxed columns and offsets, (4) precast hybrid moment resistant frame, and (5) steel framed dual system with nonlinear viscous damping.

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