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This volume is the fifth in a series listing and indexing publications in vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology for the years 1928–1953. Previous installments have been published by the Geological Society of America; the first two as Special Papers nos. 27 and 42, the third and fourth as Memoirs nos. 37 and 57. A sixth installment, 1954–58, is in preparation. This series continues the North American bibliographies compiled by Oliver P. Hay up to and through 1928, and will supplement the bibliographies by Alfred S. Romer and his associates at Harvard for the extra-North American literature as far as the beginning of 1929.

We endeavor to list all publications on fossil vertebrates and fossil man, and we continue beyond the “fossil” period to the advent of cultivated plants and domesticated animals and/or metals and pottery. This is not the customary line of separation between the fossil and the Recent, but it is a fairly applicable criterion. If the “close of the Pleistocene” were to be taken as a final date much of interest would require omission. There would be little or nothing cited on fossil man and associated, but now extinct, vertebrates in North and South America. And there are difficulties in determining the “close of the Pleistocene” in non-glaciated parts of the world.

This bibliography is not selective. All citations known to us have been entered, even popular and anonymous references; and newspaper items are not wholly excluded. Articles missed in past issues of Hay and in our…

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