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The 300-km-long Books Cliffs are a world-class field laboratory for studying clastic sedimentology, sedimentary architecture, and sequence stratigraphy, and serve as an outcrop analog for fluvio-deltaic and shoreface-to-shelf hydrocarbon reservoirs worldwide. These famous rocks have been used to develop, test and refine sedimentological and stratigraphic ideas and models over the years, including the principles and concepts of sequence stratigraphy. This field guide focuses on the following themes: (a) sedimentology, sedimentary architecture, and sequence stratigraphy of fluvial, coastal plain, river- and wave-dominated deltas, and shoreface-to-shelf deposits, (b) stacking patterns in high versus low accommodation settings, (c) distribution of reservoir and non-reservoir facies in a predictive sequence stratigraphic framework, (d) relationship between relative sea level, shoreline position, and stratigraphic architecture, and (e) alternative sequence stratigraphic models for the interpretation of channel-shoreface packages.

Keywords: accommodation space, Book Cliffs, Cretaceous, deltaic, fluvial, sedimentaryarchitecture, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, shelf, shoreface, Western InteriorSeaway

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