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This field guide provides an opportunity to examine the central Andes between 31° and 32°S latitude in a segment characterized by flat-slab subduction. The field trip road was chosen to observe the westernmost contact between the basement uplift of Sierras Pampeanas and Precordillera, the early Paleozoic stratigraphy, and the Andean structure of the Precordillera, as well as a complete section of the Frontal and Principal Cordilleras in Argentina and Chile. The trip ends in the Coastal Cordillera along the Pacific margin. This road log discusses a complete early and late Paleozoic history of the central Andes with their typical Famatinian and Gondwanan orogenic rocks and the accretionary evolution of the Pacific margin at these latitudes. Superimposed on this framework, the structure of the Andes is viewed through the examination of the Precordillera and the Aconcagua fold-and-thrust belts, together with the observation of the Andean volcanic history, will allow reconstructing the shallowing of the subduction zone through the Neogene and the final formation of the Pampean flat-slab.

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