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This two-day trip highlights new findings from structural, stratigraphic, and petrologic research in the Valley and Ridge province of Highland, Bath, and Augusta Counties, Virginia, and Pendleton County, West Virginia. The structural emphasis on Days 1 and 2 will be at several scales, from the regional scale of folds and faults across the Valley and Ridge, to outcrop-and hand sample-scale structures. Stops will highlight deformation associated with previously unmapped faults and a second-order anticline in Silurian and Lower Devonian carbonate and siliciclastic strata, specifically the Silurian Tonoloway Limestone, the Silurian–Devonian Helderberg Group, and the Devonian Needmore Shale. The stops on Day 1 will also focus on facies changes in Silurian sandstones, the stratigraphy of the Keyser–Tonoloway formational contact, and new discoveries relevant to the depositional setting and regional facies of the McKenzie Formation in southern Highland County. The focus of the stops on Day 2 will be on the petrology and geochemistry of several exposures of the youngest known volcanic rocks (Eocene) in the eastern United States. Discussions will include the possible structural controls on emplacement of these igneous rocks, how these magmas and their xenoliths constrain the depth and temperature of the lower crust and mantle, and the tectonic environment that facilitated their emplacement.

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