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The Ice Age National Scenic Trail leads hikers on a 1200-mi (1900-km) tour of glacial and other geologic features across the State of Wisconsin. This one-day field trip highlights glacial landforms of the Superior Lobe of the southern Laurentide Ice Sheet in northwestern Wisconsin. Here the Ice Age Trail features spectacular end moraines, low-relief and high-relief hummocky topography, ice-walled-lake plains, eskers, tunnel channels, striations, and water-scoured features on basalt. The field trip involves several short hikes on parts of the trail, including one on a classic esker located in a tunnel channel. We argue that there is paleoglaciological significance to differing landform assemblages on the older, low-relief Emerald Phase land surface and the younger St. Croix Phase moraine, which has numerous high-relief hummocks, ice-walled-lake plains, and tunnel channels. Large potholes from the drainage of glacial Lake Superior are present at the Interstate State Park Unit of the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve.

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