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The geometric, kinematic, and deformational features along the subprovince boundaries of the Archean Superior Province are keys to understanding the tectonic amalgamation of the province. This field trip investigates the structural geology along two of the subprovince boundaries—the Wabigoon-Quetico and Quetico-Vermilion—of the Superior Craton. These boundaries separate the relatively high-grade gneisses of the Quetico Belt from typical low-grade granite-greenstone terranes to its north (Wabigoon) and south (Wawa). Both boundaries are characterized by different styles of transpressional deformation and strike-slip tectonism. Along the Wabigoon-Quetico boundary, deformation is recorded by a variety of structures controlled by competence contrast of heterogeneous lithologies at a variety of scales: from weak greenstones surrounding more competent gneiss domes to deformed polymictic conglomerates. Along the Quetico-Vermilion boundary, we will emphasize the role of plutonism and pluton geometry on subsequent deformation. Lastly, we characterize multiple deformation episodes in the Vermilion district in Minnesota.

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