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The Bulletin in Geologic Literature

January 01, 1932


THE HISTORY of the Bulletin, with its physical and editorial elements, has been described in Chapter VIII. Some consideration of its scientific content and its place among geologic publications is desirable.

All of the substance or printed matter of the Bulletin may not rank as high-class geologic literature. A balance has to be struck between the claims of Fellows to the privilege, or right, of publication and the critical judgment of Secretary, Editor and censor. All papers are referred to critics, and refusal of publication is rarely based on the adverse opinion of a single censor.

In choice and quality of matter the Bulletin is at a disadvantage compared with a privately owned journal. It is inevitable that some matter in the Bulletin is incomplete, partial, unimportant and ephemeral. In lapse of time much of the matter will have value only as marking progressive steps in the gaining of knowledge, but many papers will stand for completed study and the final word.

A weak spot in a journal of such issue is the lack of opportunity for making timely comment, suggestion, addition, and especially for criticism and correction. In consequence partial and inaccurate statements may acquire authority in the lack of immediate correction. Only the experts can recognize at sight the errors of omission and commission.

One remedy for this weakness might be a short, final brochure, closing the volume, which would carry not only errata but requested comment, discussion, criticism, and correction relating to the preceding papers of the

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The Geological Society of America, 1888-1930

Herman LeRoy Fairchild
Herman LeRoy Fairchild
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January 01, 1932




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