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The Society’s Work; Meetings

January 01, 1932


THE VISIBLE results of the Society's activity are achieved through the agency of its meetings and its publication. The historical account of the meetings is given in Chapter VII. The advantages and benefits of the convocations are evident. Probably the social benefit is the greater, but the social and the scientific are inseparable. The meetings are a clearing house for social exchanges and balancing of geologic accounts through sympathetic understandings, while the cancellation of errors promotes scientific truth.

The personal contacts produce a fraternity of Fellowship and an esprit de corps otherwise impossible. The remote ancestor of the Society, the Association of American Geologists, lost this virtue when, in 1843, it enlarged to the Society of Natural History, although it may be thought that the change at that time was for the benefit of science in general. The geologists remained submerged in the mass until the creation of Section E in 1882, and the continued disadvantages led in six years to the formation of this Society, proposed in 1881.

The data relating to both winter and summer meetings have been tabulated in Chapter VII, section 5. It will there be seen that the percentage of attendance has kept in fair step with the increase in membership. A detailed study of the statistics along with the registration lists might develop interesting relations. Counting of the attendance geographically would probably show that the western Fellows attend meetings in the East proportionally better than the far-East men go to western meetings. Geology here

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The Geological Society of America, 1888-1930

Herman LeRoy Fairchild
Herman LeRoy Fairchild
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January 01, 1932




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