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January 01, 1932


THE SOCIETY came in time, fortunately, to have on its roll of Fellows several of the famous names in American geology of the middle decades of the nineteenth century; the men who were self-taught in earth science and who founded the schools. To most of the present Fellowship these men are only revered names, but to a few of us who are yet living they were admired friends.

The writer had a mind to name as a roll of honor the aged and eminent men who participated in the organization and early life of the Society; but, realizing that choice for honors is usually partial and invidious, often unjust and sometimes foolish, he may not wisely make such selection. The reader will choose a few names of high worth in the lists of attendants at the meeting in the year 1888, and from the roster of Original Fellows. But this would omit the names of eminent geologists of Canada.

The Society has made an extended honor roll, in the list of its officers through forty-three years. Yet such roll for honor is very incomplete, because many Original Fellows of age and eminence passed away before the Society could honor them with the presidency. Some of the following names will be selected by every reader as worthy of inclusion in any roll of high honor in geology:

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The Geological Society of America, 1888-1930

Herman LeRoy Fairchild
Herman LeRoy Fairchild
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January 01, 1932




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