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Scope and Organization of This Volume

Earle E. Spamer
Earle E. Spamer
The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
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January 01, 1992


For various taxonomic names, principally genera and species, this volume piovides information on their location in the literature, published records of stratigraphic occurrence, and published records of geographic occurrence. Information or higher systematics is provided throughout, as an aid for users who may not be familiar with some of the taxa.

The data presented in this volume encompass all publications that in some way address the paleontology of the immediate Grand Canyon region. If a publication has been overlooked, it was not seen by the author. The indexes were prepared from a computerized database, GCPALEO, maintained by the author. This database, at the time these indexes were prepared, contained nearly 17,000 records with taxonomic, stratigraphic, and locality data for fossils reported in the Grand Canyon regional literature.Occurrences of taxonomic names are recorded for every page through the entire base of paleontological literature for the Grand Canyon region. Supplementary databases include higher systematic and stratigraphic data. Aspects of the database allow thorough literature searches at levels of precision greater thaai those of the generalized indexes that comprise this volume. The database includesinformation with each entry that pertains to the context in which the taxon is mentioned; for example, "biostratigraphy," "paleoecology," "mentioned only in a species list," or "casual mention of name."

In this volume, genera and species are cited as published. wunou: synonymy, to preservethe historical context of systematics. Stratigraphic and locality data are modified to reflectmodem names to provide easy use of the indexes, but care also

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The Grand Canyon Fossil Record

Earle E. Spamer
Earle E. Spamer
The Academy of Natural Sciences of rhiladelphia
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Geological Society of America
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January 01, 1992




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