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Petrified Forest National Park is located near the southern margin of the Colorado Plateau in the Painted Desert area of east-central Arizona (Fig. 1). The park extends about 26 mi (42 km) north and south. The north entrance is about 68 mi (109 km) west of Gallup, New Mexico, on 1-40 and the south entrance is on U.S. 180 about 17 mi (27 km) east of Holbrook, Arizona. Visitors traveling west can leave 1-40 at exit 311 and enter the park at the north entrance. After entering the park they may follow the scenic park road southward to the southern exit, a distance of about 27 mi (43 km). They then can travel westward on U.S. 180 to Holbrook where they rejoin 1-40. Visitors traveling east may leave 1-40 at exit 285 at Holbrook and drive east on U.S. 180 to the south entrance of the park, a distance of about 18 mi (29 km). Frequent pullouts and short side roads are present throughout the park. Much of the park is accessible to all types of vehicles, although their use is restricted to established roads. There are also two large, undeveloped, wilderness areas in the park. The removal of petrified wood or any other natural, archeological, or historical object from the park is strictly prohibited.

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